just to get it off my chest

ghad I miss Kangin so much!! I was watching SuJu's Yeoyoumanman episode the other night, and he was so talkative, so vibrant, so happy. what the hell, when are you coming back? honestly I just miss seeing all of them on stage. they've been recently having a lot of negative publicity that it breaks my heart, really.

I read this fic just moments ago and it made me cry a lot. IDK. it was so spot on to some of the thoughts I've been having lately that I'm too scared to voice out or even acknowledge. just read it, okay? I really can't believe it's almost been a year since Sorry Sorry, since everything still seemed a-ok :(

Numbness and Lies by [info]gummylovesme

it's a friendship!Eeteuk/Siwon piece. bring out some tissues if you cry easily ok?

Super Junior, I hope you can endure this. come back to us.

dirty little secret.

I first signed up for LJ about 3 years ago but then deleted the account just because I couldn't find the time to update regularly. I then came across Super Junior's music 4 months ago, and became hooked. The connection between the two? Well after I became a SuJu fangirl, I wanted to know more about them. I 'researched' their songs, pics, news articles, and the like. Well surprise! I found a lot of LJ communities dedicated to my SuJu loves. After that it was just IMPOSSIBLE for me not to sign up for an account again - but this time under a different moniker, and a completely anonymous identity, and I love it.

I then discovered the joys of fanservice and inevitably came across something I never thought of reading through before - fan fiction. I never really got what they were for, and to be honest, I thought fan fics were only made by those who watched anime and the like. So imagine my surprise when I discovered Miracle. WOOT! I think I struck gold. LOL.

Now, this LJ account won't entirely be dedicated to joining and watching communities, and commenting on what's posted in them, but this might also serve as my dirty little secret of a diary. I think there are just times when I want to express something without letting those who know me hear/see/read about what I want to say. Yes there will be lots of times when I will talk to myself in this journal, but maybe I just want to let out things I'd be too shy to talk about with anyone. Oh the joys of anonymity.


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